BrickMed Practice Management, Billing, and Scheduling solutions are a product of listening to and acting upon the needs and requests of thousands of providers, practice managers, billing center owners, and their staff (in other words, you) for decades. At BrickMed, our mission is to build adaptable solutions to the biggest business challenges facing healthcare providers and be your long-term healthcare business outcomes partner.

We're built on the belief that better healthcare requires efficient, profitable healthcare businesses.

I can’t say enough about the product and the company! BrickMed always puts the customer’s needs first!
M. Jackson
Practice Administrator

Whether you are running a single-provider cosmetic practice or a fifty-provider anesthesia operation, you can't afford to tie your operation to the risk of an EHR failure. BrickMed frees your practice to succeed by reducing the impact of an EHR failure on the rest of the business.
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In a world where "great service" is too often just a bullet on a marketing slick, BrickMed's US-based service representatives build long-term relationships with customers and are backed by a team fanatically dedicated to the success of healthcare businesses.
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We know you don't run a one-size-fits-all practice; you should expect no less from your practice management and billing solution. You'll find our flexibility and breadth of experience a great pairing. Test us with the challenges that make your office unique!
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From primary care to ambulatory surgery centers, plastic surgery to spinal neurosurgery, and every specialty in-between, BrickMed has built a reputation for RCM excellence by tailoring solutions that drive transparency and efficiency from first-call to final collection.
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Need Solid Practice Management, Billing or Scheduling?

BrickMed Office has evolved over decades to address the challenges faced by insurance-based and cash-based practices and top billing centers alike and it's backed by the best service culture in the industry.

Why choose us?

  • Benefit from Amazing Customer Service!
  • Free Your Practice: Linkable to Hundreds of EHR's
  • Streamline Cash and Insurance Revenue Cycles
  • Fast, Flexible Scheduling & Patient Checkout
  • Dozens of Specialized Extensions for Marketing, UB-04, Inventory, ASC billing, and much more!
  • Flexible, Transparent Pricing
  • Deeply-Integrated Features for Dozens of Specialties — Built for Your Challenges!
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